About Us

About Us

Echomar Health Group with its 24 years old experience and expertise is among the leading health care institutions providing the best and most reliable service in accordance with the highest quality standards. In complete compliance with the quality understanding and practices of international standards, and with its highly advanced infrastructure and equipment, Echomar provides service to its patients in the most effective way by a team of experts, consisting of high calibre, caring and experienced professionals.,.

Echomar has pioneered the transfer of developments in the world to Turkey in imaging and radio-diagnosis fields by following the technology closely and by establishing an advanced equipment base. Echomar gives emphasis and priority to review and improve its system continuously and has become the most favorite Imaging Center with its senior and experienced staff physicians and technicians.

Echomar has set up the most advanced multi-purpose C-arm digital radiography device of the world in its category (Siemens Artis zee) in its center at Sisli. In Sisli Echomar HSG examinations is done by an experienced team lead by Dr. Cevat Bayrak. In this center, painless HSG is done in the highest quality with the minimum probability of adverse effects and risks of complication, and by using lowest level of radiation.


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